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About Us

Since 2001, Union Project has used the arts to bridge gaps between communities.

At the very beginning, more than 700 community members came together and restored the 100-year-old historical building in the Highland Park neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. We’ve come a long way since 2001, and though our work no longer focuses solely on a historic renovation, it still centers on the power of the arts to transform. We believe that art can create change, and help us build a more inclusive, empathetic, and just community.

Union Project offers over 120 arts programs and events that provide arts experiences and education for people of all ages and skill levels, professional development for emerging artists, and use the arts in creative ways to engage all people. Positioned at the literal intersection of some of Pittsburgh’s most racially and economically diverse urban neighborhoods, Union Project is a community hub and common ground for surrounding neighbors.

To learn more about Union Project and what we do, visit our website!