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Artist Spotlight

The Artist Spotlight is a new initiative designed to support Western Pennsylvania emerging artists with professional development and online sales opportunities. The project features locally made artwork and highlights one artist for one to two months. Each artist will create a line of artwork at an affordable and fair price for them and for you, because we believe everyone should be able to enjoy art at home. 

The Artist Spotlight is now featuring local illustrator and artist, Abbie Adams, who creates free-handed and intricate images that show her fascination with lines, repetition, and grouping like objects. Abbie has created a limited edition print, "Neighbors" exclusively for our Artist Spotlight and will be featured from January 12 to February 28, 2017.

The Artist Spotlight was developed to support artists who are trying to earn a living by making and selling quality artwork. Artists will work with us to create and promote their work to a wider audience while developing practical and important skill sets in pricing, branding, marketing, shipping and handling for their business and career. 

We are expanding our current artist services to evolve into a multifaceted supporter for local emerging artists! To learn more about the artist services and programs we have at Union Project, please visit our website!